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What is the Academic Common Market?

The Academic Common Market (ACM) is for college students who want to pursue degrees that are not offered at their in-state institutions. Students can enroll in out-of-state institutions that offer their degree program and pay the institution's in-state tuition rate.

Process Overview

  1. You will need to apply to the University of Kentucky and be accepted into an Academic Common Market eligible major
  2. Contact your state ACM representative and complete the verification process. Your UK admission letter can be used as a major verification. If additional information is needed for verification please contact us.
  3. The University of Kentucky will receive your ACM eligibility letter from your state representative at which point your student account will be updated.

Maintaining ACM Status

In order for a student to maintain their ACM status they must stay continuously enrolled for every fall and spring term, and continue to make satisfactory progress toward degree completion. 

If a student is found to have changed their major or stopped making progress toward their degree completion their ACM status will be removed and they will be assessed at the non-resident rate for future semesters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to take action each semester to maintain my ACM status?

No, as long as you stay continuously enrolled while making progress toward degree completion your status will be maintained.

What if I sit out a term?

If you sit out a fall or spring term you will need to contact your state representative in order to have your ACM eligibility recertified for your returning term.

What if I don't see my major listed on the Southern Regional Education Board website? Can I add a new major?

If you are interested in a major that you believe should qualify, but is not currently listed you may contact your state ACM representative to request that it be reviewed for eligibility. You may find their contact information on the SREB ACM State Contacts website.

What if my major is removed while I'm enrolled?

As long as you stay continuously enrolled you will keep your ACM eligibility. However, if you sit out a term or change out of your major you may be unable to recertify.