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Attendance Verification and Title IV

Title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965 governs the administration of federal financial aid funds. Federal regulation mandates that these funds may only be disbursed to students who are actively attending classes. The University of Kentucky is responsible for documenting each students' attendance to ensure compliance and failure to do so may result in sizeable fines. All instructors of undergraduate, graduate and professional courses (including lab courses, independent studies, online courses, and research credit) are required to verify attendance.

How is attendance verified?

Most classes at the University of Kentucky are in-person and so most instructors will simply take attendance at the start of class. However, attendance can also be determined by tracking engagement or participation in class. Below are examples of how engagement or participation can be demonstrated for different types of classes:

  • In traditional classes, submitting an assignment, homework, or quiz
  • For online classes, instructors may require students to introduce themselves on a discussion board or submit an assignment, homework, or quiz
  • For independent study classes, an instructor should have some record of interaction from the student such as an email or submission of an assignment
  • For research and residency credit courses (i.e. 748, 749, and 767 courses), an instructor should have some record of interaction from the student such as an email or documented research such as lab work 

When is attendance verified?

Attendance verification occurs in two phases, a monitoring phase and a reporting phase. The monitoring window begins immediately after the last day to add the class. This is when the instructor monitors activity to determine if a student is attending, engaging, or participating in class. The reporting window begins immediately after the monitoring phase and is when the instructor reports a student for non-attendance.

Attendance verification deadlines will vary based on the length of the class. Full-term classes will have one week for monitoring and one week for reporting. Part-of-term classes will have shorter monitoring and reporting windows.

For Instructors

  • Attendance verification is completed using the 'Class Roll' under 'Faculty Services' in myUK.
  • The attendance verification window (reporting period) for each class is displayed under the 'Windows' section of the Class Roll.
  • Students reported for non-attendance are notified by email and have approximately two days to follow-up before they are dropped from your class.
  • Should you need to cancel a student's drop, you may do so at anytime during the reporting period.

Instructor FAQ

For Students

  • The best way to ensure you are not dropped is to attend, engage, and participate in class regularly.
  • If you are reported for non-attendance you will be notified by email.
  • If you were reported for non-attendance and wish to request reinstatement contact the instructor immediately.
  • Being dropped for non-attendance will result in a 50% refund for the class and may impact financial aid funds.
  • A class dropped due to non-attendance will not appear on your transcript.

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