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Degree Completion Percentage How To

Not sure how to utilize the degree completion percentage audit? Watch this video or read this guide for how-to steps to run an audit or view your degree completion percentage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the degree completion percentage?

The degree completion percentage reflects the progress you have made toward completing your specific degree requirements in myUK GPS Degree Audit. Your degree completion percentage is meant to help you understand where you stand with your degree and to help you graduate on time.

Why does my percentage matter?

Starting with registration for Spring 2024, your degree completion percentage will determine when you register for courses. Additionally, you will only be able to earn your degree once your degree audit reaches 100% complete.

What is factored into my degree completion percentage?

Your degree completion percentage is based on the UK Core, University, and College requirements on your degree audit as well as the requirements for your primary Major and Minor, if you have one. Any additional Majors or Minors won’t count against your percentage, nor will the Honors curriculum requirements if you are in the Lewis Honors College.

What if I have more than one Major or Minor?

Only your primary Major and/or primary Minor, if you have one, will count toward your degree completion percentage. Students with more than one Major/Minor will not be disadvantaged. If you are unsure which is your primary Major and/or Minor, please contact your academic advisor.

What if I have more than one degree?

You will see two different percentages, one for each degree you are completing. Only the percentage for your primary degree will be used to determine your registration window. If you are unsure which is your primary degree, please contact your academic advisor.

What if I am an Honors student, an Athlete, or I have a disability accommodation?

Students in the Lewis Honors College, Athletes, or who have disability accommodations will still have access to the earliest registration windows.

Which percentage will my registration window be based on?

Registration windows will be based on your completed percentage only. This is the percentage that is displayed on the Degree Audit home page.

View Degree Completion Percentage Example

Why do I see a different percentage when I open my degree audit?

When you open your degree audit, you will see the percentage based on both Completed and Registered coursework. This allows you to see how your in-progress courses will contribute to your degree completion percentage once they have been graded. You can also click the Completed, Registered, and Planned button to see how your Planned courses will contribute to your degree completion percentage.

View Completed and Registered Example

View Completed, Registered, and Planned Example

How often does my degree completion percentage get updated?

Your completion percentage automatically updates any time you make progress toward your degree requirements. For example, your percentage will update at the end of each semester when your courses are graded, any time transfer work is added to your academic record, or if your advisor enters an exception in your audit.

How can I increase my percentage?

Make sure you have sent your final high school transcript, any AP/IB/CLEP credit, any dual credit work, and any other transcripts and test scores to the Admissions Office. Speak with your advisor each semester to make sure you’re taking the right courses for your degree plan. Plan courses ahead in myUK GPS using the Course Planner feature. If your Major requires an Option and/or Specialty, you should declare the one you want to pursue with your College as early as possible. If you have repeated coursework, you should discuss the best time to file Repeat Options for this coursework with your academic advisor.

I’m a transfer student, what should I do to make sure my percentage is accurate?

Make sure to send in any transcripts from previous institutions to the Admissions Office. You should also send your high school transcript if you completed at least 2 credits of the same foreign language in high school so you can get credit for the UK foreign language requirement. You should closely review your Degree Audit to see how your transfer work applies, or does not apply, to your degree program and speak with your advisor to ensure everything is accurate.

What if I would like to study abroad for a semester?

The courses you complete during your study abroad semester will still count toward your degree. Make sure you send your official transcript from the institution you study at while abroad.

Why do I see a percentage on my “what if” audits?

Percentages are displayed on “what if” audits so that you can see how far along you might be if you were to change your degree plan. You may notice that you have a higher or lower degree completion percentage for these degree programs.

I’m a graduate or professional student, how will this affect me?

Graduate and professional students will be able to view their degree completion percentage on their degree audits, but the percentage will not affect when they register for courses each semester.