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Using the GPA Calculator

This GPA calculator was designed using the University of Kentucky grading scales. Results provided by the GPA calculator are not reflective of an official GPA. Students should access their myUK Student Portal if they wish to view their official GPA or need to know their current Q HRS/Q PTS values.

This GPA calculator may be used for all students at the University of Kentucky, but +/- grading scales should only be used for the specific circumstances detailed below.

Plus (+), Minus (-) Effective Dates:

  • Architecture: Fall 1978 - Present
  • Landscape Architecture: Spring 1983 - Present
  • Law: Fall 1971 - Present
  • Arts and Sciences: Fall 1996 - Summer 1998
  • Communications and Information Studies: Fall 1996 - Summer 1998
  • Fine Arts: Fall 1991 - Summer 1998
GPA Calculator
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Terminology Guide

Credit Hours are the number of semester hours that an individual course is assigned based on the amount of time a student is expected to spend on the course.

Grade Point Average (GPA) is equal to the number of quality points (Q PTS) divided by the number of quality hours (Q HRS) attempted, excluding pass/fail courses.

Grade Quality Hours (Q HRS) reflects all grade quality hours attempted.

Grade Quality Points (Q PTS) reflects all grade quality points earned.