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About Repeat Options

Students who have repeated a course are able to file a Repeat Option so that the grade for the second attempt of the course applies to their record, and the grade for the first attempt will no longer apply. This can be used to replace the first attempt of a course with a better grade, or can be used to eliminate an E grade when the student has received an E in both attempts.

Undergraduate students are allowed a total of 3 Repeat Options while Graduate and Professional students can use 1 Repeat Option per degree program.

Repeat Options requests must be submitted prior to the end of the term in which the student plans to graduate. Any requests submitted for an in-progress course will be held until grades are posted at the end of the term and will be processed if the grade achieved in the second attempt is higher than the grade for the first attempt. Requests will also be processed if the student received an E in the first attempt and receives another E once grades are posted.

General rules for Repeat Option eligibility:

  • The first completed attempt of a course can be replaced only by the second completed attempt of that same course (including cross-listed courses).
  • Both attempts must have been completed at UK.
  • Repeat Options cannot be used on AP/IB/CLEP courses.
  • A letter-graded course may not be replaced by a Pass/Fail-graded course, but Pass/Fail courses may be replaced by letter-graded courses.
  • XE or XF grades cannot be replaced by a repeated course. However, these courses can be used to replace a regular E grade.
  • For courses taught under multiple subtopics, repeat options may only be used when the student has repeated the course under the same subtopic.
  • Repeat Options cannot be processed for credits counted toward a previously earned degree.

Repeat Option Request

Students wishing to utilize a repeat option must complete and submit one of the below repeat option forms based on their status as an undergraduate or graduate student.

Undergraduate Student Repeat Option Form

Graduate Student Repeat Option Form

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