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Should I Withdraw?

A student may choose to withdraw from any number of courses before the semester begins and through each course’s midterm (check each course in myUK for specific dates). Depending on the situation withdrawing may still result in tuition charges, a 'W' on the student's transcript, or even compromise program admission status. For this reason, it is always recommended to discuss with your advisor prior to dropping courses.

UK has a variety of resources designed to help students who might be struggling personally or academically that could help turn a semester around instead of needing to withdraw. These include academic advising and tutoring, mental health counseling, support for first generation, veteran, and LGBTQ+ students, and more.

Counseling Center

The UKCC offers education, confidential consultation, and brief therapy to currently enrolled UK students.

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Center for Support and Intervention

UK CSI promotes student well-being and success by providing holistic and collaborative support to students in distress.

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Disability Resource Center

Provides services to the University so students with disabilities have equal opportunity to participate in all areas of University life.

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Student Academic Support

Provides support and resources to enhance academic achievement and address support needs in other life areas.

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How to Withdraw

The ways that withdrawing impacts you will differ depending on when you choose to withdraw from classes. You should review the scenario below that is appropriate to your situation to learn more about how withdraw can impact your academic record and tuition and fees owed.

Withdraw Before the Semester Begins

You may withdraw yourself from any and all classes through myUK before the start of the semester. Withdrawing from classes before the start of the semester ensures you are not charged and that the classes will not appear on your transcript.

Please note, if you sit out an entire spring or fall semester you will need to submit a readmission application when you are ready to return.

Withdraw During the Semester

You may withdraw yourself from any classes through myUK during the semester. However, if you are withdrawing from all classes during a Fall or Spring semester you will not able to self-withdraw from your last class. After you have withdrawn from all other classes you must submit the below form to complete the process and be withdrawn from your final class. Your full withdraw will be effective as of the date the form is submitted.

UK Authorization to Withdrawal - Spring 2024

Withdrawing from classes during the semester will result in partial or full tuition and fee charges, and may result in the class being listed on your transcript with a 'W' grade assigned. You should check each class in myUK to review related deadlines. Withdrawing from a class after the listed deadline is only possible for an urgent, non-academic reasons and requires permission from your college.

How to Withdraw in myUK

This guide provides you with illustrated step-by-step instructions on how to use myUK to withdraw from a class.

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