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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change my major online?

The online major change option is located in myUK under Student Services > Degree Planning and Registration (myGPS). The major change link is located on the right side of the Home page in the “My Program of Study” box. Additionally, you can find this link on the degree audit page under your major.

Which requests require an approval and which requests are approved on submission?

Removing a minor, secondary major, or certificate is done automatically on submission. All other requests require approval by a college representative.

How is the denial of a request handled by this system?

If a request is denied by the college representative, you will be notified of the denial via email.

What if I make multiple requests at once?

You have the option of packaging several proposed changes into one request when submitting your major/minor/cert change request. In some cases, multiple college representatives may need to review the requests for approval or denial.

  • Approvals: The entire request is not considered approved until all parts are approved by the designated college representatives. Only when the final open item on the request is approved, will the system be updated with the program changes and advisor assignment. You will then be notified of the approval through email.
  • Denials: If any part of the request is denied the entire request is considered denied. No updates will be processed in the system and you will be notified of the details and informed that the request was denied through email. If one part of the original request was approved but the whole package of requests denied, you will need to request the single approved item again if you are still interested in making that change.

Will this allow me to add a second degree?

This application will only allow you to add a major to your existing degree. Dual degrees are not handled by the system directly. When you add a major, it will be added as an additional major to the existing program of study. If it needs to be converted to a dual degree, you will need to have a conversation with your advisor or email questions to

What if I have applied for graduation already?

Approval of a major change/minor change or addition will update your Program of Study and advisor. However, it will not update any existing applications for graduation.

What notifications does the system send?

When you submit a major/minor/certification change request, the system will send you a confirmation email with details of your request. At this same time, your current primary advisor will be notified as well as the college representative(s) in the area of the new changes you are requesting.

When your request is approved or denied, you will be notified of the decision along with any messages from the college representative(s). Your current or new advisor will also be notified at that time.

Is there anything I need to do before I request the major change? (Selective admission requirements)

Be sure to review the college requirements of the new major you are requesting to see if additional steps are needed. The college representative will also work with you to complete any additional steps.

How will students be informed about Selective Admission Requirements?

It is expected that college representatives or advisors will inform students of any additional requirements they need to fulfill for admission to the new major/minor/certificate.

What is the difference in a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Arts?

The primary difference between a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Arts degree is the focus of the coursework contained within the degree program. A Bachelor of Arts has more courses focused on the humanities while a Bachelor of Science has more coursework focused on math and science. If you aren’t sure of the right degree program for you, please talk with your academic advisor.

I am a graduate student and would like to request a change to my program?

This application currently only handles changes to Undergraduate programs of study. Graduate students should contact the Graduate School or their advisor.