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Frequently Asked Questions

How is my priority registration window determined?

For undergraduate students, your window is based on your current degree completion percentage. For more information about degree completion percentage, please see our FAQ page.

How do I enroll in a restricted course?

A restricted course only permits enrollment for students in a particular college, major/minor, or classification level (sophomore, junior, etc.).

If you do not meet the course restrictions you may only be permitted to register for the course if you have been given an override by the college or department offering the course.

Please note that being granted an override does not automatically register you for the course. Once the override has been given you must register for the course as normal through myUK.

How do I get a hold removed?

If you have a hold on your account that prevents registration you must have the hold removed before you will be able to register. You will need to log in to myUK to review any holds on your account and to see the contact information for the appropriate office responsible for the removal of the hold.

How do I register for a course with a time conflict?

  • If you receive permission to register in two courses that have overlapping meeting patterns, you must email the documentation to
  • Students enrolled in the Gatton College of Business and Economics must report to the Undergraduate Resource Center in 144 B&E Building to resolve time conflicts, regardless of the course.

How do I withdraw from a course?

Withdraw process may vary depending on which semester you are withdrawing from, and how many classes you are withdrawing from. Please review the withdraw process website for more information.

What if my course has been cancelled?

If a course you are enrolled in has been cancelled you will receive an email notification through your official University of Kentucky student email. We encourage you to check your email often as well as review your schedule in myUK shortly before classes begin. This will help to ensure you are promptly made aware of any cancellations.

If you are unable to find an appropriate course to replace the one that was cancelled, we recommend you reach out to your academic advisor for support.

When do I register for a part-of-term course?

Some courses at the University of Kentucky start and/or end outside of the normal full semester start/end dates. These courses are called part-of-term courses and will have different deadlines for add/drop/withdraw. You should review a course's information in the myUK Course Catalog to see the specific course deadlines for all part-of-term courses. If the course's last day to add has not passed, and you are still within your registration window, you can register as normal.