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If a course section has no available seats, a student may be able to add themselves to the waitlist through myUK. When another student drops the course the person in the first position of the waitlist will be automatically enrolled and all other students will move up one spot. Please note that not all classes permit waitlisting.

When you have moved to an enrolled status in a waitlisted course, the course status on your schedule will change from Waitlisted to BOOKED. If you Waitlist a course, be sure to check your schedule on myUK periodically to determine if your status for the course has changed. You are responsible for monitoring your status in this course.

You may remove yourself from the Waitlist prior to the first day of classes by using the DROP function in myUKIf you wish to be removed from the waitlist on the first day of classes or after, please email so that we can remove you from the waitlist.

Faculty and staff should NOT drop students from the waitlist through myUKGPS on the first day of classes or after. If a student needs to be dropped from a waitlist or if you need a student to be added to the course from a waitlist, please email

Using the Schedule of Classes to Waitlist

Enter the course in the Search field in the Schedule of Classes. Click “search” to bring up all available sections being offered. Click “Check” under the “Open Seats” column to see if the course has available seats, seats on the waitlist, or if the waitlist is disabled. To join the waitlist, click the green “Register” button. The course will appear on your Registration Screen with the Status of WAITLISTED.

Waitlist Restrictions

  • You must meet all course prerequisites and pass all restrictions (major restrictions, classification restrictions, etc.) to be eligible to Waitlist.
  • You cannot Waitlist a course that has a time conflict with an Enrolled course on your schedule.
  • You cannot Waitlist for a different section of the same course for which you are already enrolled.
  • You may only Waitlist one section per course.
  • You may only be Enrolled and Waitlisted for the total number of credits for which you are eligible (e.g. most undergraduates have a credit load limit of 19 credit hours). Enrolled hours plus Waitlisted hours may not exceed your credit load limit. If you must maintain full-time status for financial aid or other purposes, Waitlisted hours do not count toward full-time status. Undergraduate students ENROLLED in at least 12 hours are considered full-time. Graduate students enrolled in at least 9 hours are considered full-time.
  • You will remain on the Waitlist until you are successfully enrolled in the course, or until the last day to add a class when all Waitlists are automatically purged.

Change a Grade Type

In some circumstances students may have the option to change the grade type of a registered course in myUK (as shown). Grade type options most commonly available are letter grade, pass/fail, or audit.

Changing the grade type of a course may result in complications with regards to how a student progresses through their program. We strongly encourage any student considering changing the grade type of a course to first discuss it with their academic advisor.

Please note that freshmen and graduate students may not take courses on a pass/fail basis.

In general, students have up to 3 weeks to change the grade type of a course. Please check the Course Deadlines and Refund Schedule page to verify the deadline to change the grade type.

A screenshot of the edit registration section of myUK GPS showing the location of the Change grade type option.

Pick a Program Type

Students who have been accepted to a Graduate or Professional Program for a future term will have the option to select which program each course will apply to.

How to Pick a Program Type

A visual guide detailing how to select a program type for each course during registration in myUK.

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